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How to make Traveling with kids less of a Nightmare

After some days of semi blogger block and stressful schoolwork, I’m finally back with a sumptuous post. Happy New Year! So I spent my Christmas with my older cousins and it was a wonderful experience totally different from what I’m used to, but then it was worth while. This holidays with my cousins made me have a first hand experience with kids and I must confess that children are a handful. From their incessant cries to questions with no end to sugar rush, oh that Sugar rush experience was not an easy one.

The first time I went out with them, I was just so confused because it was my first with little kids, you always have to be on the look out, answer all their demands and settle quarrels . In the course of being the lovely Aunty, I bought lots and lots of sugary food just to keep them happy. I was enjoying the whole Love and all till it was bedtime, they didn’t let me rest and who am I to say no to their baby games?

It takes alot of patience with the little ones. So Here are some ways how to make travelling with kids less of a nightmare:

  1. Understand the charges and regulation for your choice airline. If you intend on traveling with children whether by it or land, you know that there are so many variations in charges. Different transportation companies and airline have their different rules too. You can check out these cheap flights to USA
  2. Book ahead and arrive the airport early. This will help you relax and keep the children less tensed. When you arrive late, there is a high possibility that you will be tensed and this might lead to shouting at the children which might affect their moods.  For affordable flight bookings, check out these cheap Flights.
  3. Research research research! This cannot be over emphasized. Check whether or not public breastfeeding is legal or illegal in your destination? Does your children need Visas? Should you bring medications,e.g malaria tablets, for Malaria prone countries?
  4. Pack their favorite snacks but make sure you don’t just pack high in sugar snack or you will pay for it.
  5. Always care extra clothings just in case. They could spill food or drink or even their snacks on themselves, they are so unpredictable so it’s always better to be safe.
  6. Never forget your teeny weeny “go to” first aid kit. The first aid supplies you might need includes: hand wipes, anti malaria drugs, band aids, anti diarrheal drugs, vitamins, etc.
  7. Keep them occupied with their favorite toys or things to do. It might be cartoons on YouTube or coloring books or even games or cartoons on your phone or children tablets. One of my cousin’s child really loves Niella the Princess Knight and her tablet is filled with this cartoon.
  8. Encourage your children to keep a travel journal ( they could just draw in them or scribble their baby language in them), collect postcards, new words if you are traveling to a country with a different language or even to color the places you are visiting in a coloring map book.
  9. Pack wisely and lightly. Choose their favorite attires. Keep an extra attire in the bag on the plane. Pack colorful books, probably new books or their favorite story books.
  10. Ensure that they use the bathroom before boarding. If you’ve noticed kids always frequent the toilet more while traveling. This will definitely reduce the number of toilet visits and increase their rest flights

Do you have plans for a vacation this year? Have you traveled with kids or even gone to a public/crowded place with kids, what was it like? Drop your comments, let’s interact!

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