We are back!

What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.

                                                                                                Oscar Wilde

I’m super excited today! The Blog is getting to the level i want it to be; unfortunately, I had to delete my other blog because of unforeseen incidents, apart from that, my life has been moving smoothly as planned in January; both spiritually and academically. Speaking of Academics, I completed my project today, although my supervisor has not approved all the chapters, what else could be more exciting! (do not even mention Banky W and Adesua’s fairytale)

Still on the goodies these past months, I have been exploring my poetic side a lot lately and this exploration has even allowed a couple of miners in. On different occasions in the past few months, I wrote some poems and actually posted them on social media and they were superbly complimented with love. In all these goodness this year, I give all thanks to God almighty.

Guess who’s birthday month we are in? welcome to the Taurus season! I will be relaunching my blog this month too and in view of this relaunch, I will be reposting all my posts from the other blog till the relaunch date.

The Relaunch is filled with heart and soul warming goodies, anticipate MAY 14TH.

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