Trending Series to watch this Summer


Nothing governs like fear. –Ghost, Power Season 4.


Hello! Welcome back to my channel, oops blog? Let’s do this again, 1 2 3… Hello! Welcome back to my blog and if this is your first time here, welcome to the Jade world? I’m really sorry that I have not uploaded anything in a while that feels like forever?    I have been sick and thank God I’m better now. Have you guys noticed how some particular series have been driving people nuts and a lot of popcorn popping this summer? This is a mini list of those popcorn draining series you don’t want to miss this summer!

No. 7: American gods

This is one series that I like because, I was so glued to my screen by my inquisitive side, so hungry to understand what  was happening to see more of my views on this series CLICK ME!

No. 6: Queen Sugar

I have not watched this series but I have heard alotttt about it, how it’s so interesting, owned by Oprah Winfrey, how it’s about three siblings and all??‍♀️  I’m considering starting this series but I don’t know…

No.5: Insecure.

I have seen a lot of clips from this series on snapchat and tv and sometimes I feel like I have watched the whole thing. This is definitely one series I really really want to start and oh!! It’s tonight! I just really hope I like it as much as I liked those clips.

No. 4: Daytime Divas

Is a comedy drama series that showcases the behind the scene of talk shows.


This is one series that I can not wait to start, it has Dwayne Johnson and I love love love love him???? emojis can’t express this love.

No. 2: Power.

The Ghost is back!!! It was a struggle making Power no 2 because this series is superb. For us in Nigeria, this is the perfect series for the rainy season this summer, the action will sizzle up your system and the hotness that emits from this series will take the cold away??

No. 1: GAME OF THRONES! ????

Do I need to say anything about this series? Like who is not watching GOT this summer?  TBH I have watched only episode one, I’m waiting for the episodes to be complete, I can’t deal with the weekly suspense? This is definitely a series to watch, let’s just stop here.

Which ones are you watching at the moment? Which series did you anticipate with me? Is Game of Thrones still all that??

Hope you have your popcorns popping now? Thanks a lot for stopping by and I hope I made someone’s summer pop!? Have an awesome day?.

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  1. Am watching Power and Got at the moment Hmmm.. Game of thrones is no longer all that for me. Power is just the best for me. Dwayne Johnson is in a series??! I have heard a lot about American gods too, I might check it out too. You have made my summer.

    1. Cravejade says:

      Aww you like Power too? I can’t say anything for GOT because I want to watch it when the episodes are complete. You should check insecure too? thanks for stopping by dear??

    2. Cravejade says:

      I’m so happy I made your summer too???

  2. Haven’t even seen any except GOT. And I’m not even current with that. Sigh. The times have gotten to me. How old am I again?

    1. Cravejade says:

      Lol?? this really cracked me up. You can start with insecure tho because of the sumptuous amount of comic relief in it, then come down to Power, then continue GOT and then any of the others? you will thank me later? thanks for stopping by dear ?

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