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TGIF!: Favorite Posts of the Week❤️

Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going. – Chantal Sutherland

Hello! Welcome back to my blog! I know I’m really slacking with my blog posts lately, I’m sorry about that, hopefully more posts will come your way soon. I’m in this phase in life where everything is just blank. Like I feel like I’m caged up and I can’t really accomplish most of my plans, it almost feels like helplessness. I don’t even care about anything these days, like I’m living with no purpose. I don’t know how to explain this, I have been feeling like this for God knows how long. Thank God for his grace,even though, I’m not really out of this mood yet, at least I feel better than I was some weeks ago.

Ok… Enough of the sad tales? Over to the post of the day! This is going to be more like a BLOG POSTS AND CHILL kinda post? NO! Boo you can’t read further without your popcorn! Grab some popcorn or chinchin, let’s get to it!

(Ps: click on the highlighted texts to open the blogposts)

No 1:  Self Love v Self Care. This post is by Ije on her blog (obviously ?) This post really really spoke to me. I thought I was already there with Self love but it opened my eyes to a lot of finishing touches.

No 2: Talk to yourself. This blog post should be the world’s shortest and powerful blog post. When I read this post, I was really down and it really spoke to my soul. Till date I go back to read this post, for motivation to push harder.

No 3: Skincare on a budget. if you follow me on instagram, you might have noticed that I love Ifeoma of Draped in Basics. Who knew skincare products could be so affordable.

No 4: How to effortlessly drink more Water.  Drink Water and mind your business ? More Water, More … I love love this blog post, Did you know that You can die faster from dehydration than starvation! Drink Water, Stay Hydrated.

No 5: 10 things I have taught myself. From one of my favorite bloggers. This kind of opens your eyes to how you looked at this before and now and also evaluates your growth. (Click here to see mine.) This is a must read?

No 6: DIY: Dress to Co-ord Set. For my DIY lovers, Demi’s blog is the go to blog for inspirations. All through this post I was like WHAO!

No 7: How to be Fashionable without money. Another budget friendly post, that every one should definitely read. I discovered this beautiful blog not too long ago on The bloggers Advocate forum and I’m so glad I did. ( To join the bloggers advocate forum, click here and check the link in their bio?)

Is the popcorn plate empty yet?? These are my favorite blog posts of the week and I hope you had a pleasant read?

What are your favorite blog posts for the week? You can also drop the blog posts that are trending on your blog in the comments section. You never know, it might be on this list next week?

Have a beautiful day?

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  1. I hope you feel alot more better soonest. Don’t worry Jesus is in control. I enjoyed the self care post and things I taught myself post❤️ Nice post

    1. Cravejade says:

      Awwww? thanks a lot for the sweet words. I’m glad you enjoyed those posts. Thanks for stopping by?

  2. Wow..
    So many things to talk about..
    But the self love??… that was amazing.. Accepting d things I cannot change??… Most times is not easy to accept them but someone has to try?.. and den get well bby

    1. Cravejade says:

      I’m glad you like the Self love post? it’s actually a lot more better to accept you for you and build on yourself. Thanks a lot dear, I feel better now??

  3. Hello dear, I appreciate the love. I was glad the post spoke to you when you read it. And now reading this post I feel honoured and a sense of fulfilment that you found it worthy to share with your audience and their feed back is humbling to say the least. Thank you Favour and Oddy

    We are all on a journey to self, learning, unlearning and relearning. I love Oreoluwa’s.
    Thanks for sharing favourite reads with us.

    1. Cravejade says:

      Awwww…. you are welcome. I’m so glad they love that post like I do. Can’t emphasize how much it spoke to me enough. Thanks alot for stopping by?

  4. Thanks for the feature but most especially for curating this, I’m off to check out these posts you recommended

    1. Cravejade says:

      You are welcome, you will definitely enjoy them? I’m so glad you replied! Thanks for stopping by ??

  5. hey hun! Sorry about your situation, I sometimes get into that funk so I know exactly how you feel. Hopefully you get out of it soon.
    Thanks also for the feature, I feel honored to be on your blog.
    We seem to follow the same bloggers except the last one who I going to check out ASAP!

    1. Cravejade says:

      Awwww.. thanks a lot. I feel alot more better than I was some weeks ago, I guess it’s a gradual process. I love your blog and your consistency is Goals!!! Whao am so happy you do??,You will definitely enjoy her post.Thanks for stopping by?

  6. Oh dear, thank you so much for this post. Sorry about how you feel…I have been feeling the same way too and I just understand but like my mom always says…’Don’t you worry too hard about a thing because everything will be all right with God by your side. So keep keeping on and just let Him guide you.’

    1. Cravejade says:

      You are welcome dear. Awww, this is one of the best comments I have read, thanks a lot dear. I’m better now, all glory to God almighty.

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