Baking powder facial mask.

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. –Martin Luther King Jr.

Hello wonderful people!!! Happy new month?? During the first half of this year, I came across this baking powder facial mask on Vincent’s blog and I checked it out on Pinterest too. I was so skeptical about trying it out because my body is super sensitive. Up till the moment I tried it out, my heart kept singing skin reaction songs ??, but on a serious note, I was very scared. 

I was so scared that after the whole process, I chose to wait for a day before praising this mask?? just to be sure I wasn’t going to have skin reactions. 

Items needed:

  • Baking powder
  • Water
  • Spoon
  • Bowl
  • Brush

Let’s get started: 

  • Face prep: wash your face with your bathing soap, I used Ivory soap, use warm water and a towel over your face to open up pores. Then dry.

  • After the prep, get your bowl, add a tablespoon of your baking powder and water, and mix.

  • Because I was so scared, I added more water than powder, and I allowed the foamy stuff to go down completely, and I continued mixing.
  • After mixing, I had this: 
  • Use the brush to apply the mixture all over your face or choice areas on your face.
  • After application, wait for 10-20 minutes, and who said we can’t disturb snapchat while we wait??

  • Wash off with warm water, and soap if desired.
  • Moisturize! Moisturize!!!  I used my Vaseline cream to moisturize and I had to use it twice because of the dry effect.

  • Taadaa!! Your skin will definitely feel brand new. So smooth and amazing ❤️

Personally, I feel this mask is more suitable for people with oily skin and please if your skin is sensitive like mine, try it out on a part of your body first!!!

It was a fun experience for me, have you tried this mask out before now? If yes, please any tips for newbies like me? If you’ve not tried it out, hope you plan on trying it out?

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully this was quite helpful. Have a great day❤️

Life lately #2

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Hellooo!! Wonderful people.. am I the only one that feels like June flashed in and out? just yesterday, it was June 1st and now its 30th. Hope it was a good month for us all? Yes, the hallelujah challenge made it even more awesome, even though I couldn’t participate everyday (mb struggles) ☹️?

New: I just discovered American gods and I started watching it some days ago.. still on the 2nd episode. RICKY WHITTLE is just giving me life?? it’s a very intriguing series, I’m still trying to understand a lot of things hence the desire to watch more?  DISCLAIMER!!!!! there is a lot of bloooddd, arms flying and all??

Listening: Bodak Yellow by Cardi B, I definitely prefer her Lick?

Reading: i just finished reading The Body by Alvarez chronicles. It’s a novel you definitely want to read if you love Criminal minds. Wattpad is still bae?

Interests: nothing apart from poems and yes!! Funny Nigerian movies!!??

Food:  I’ve been eating good food? craving coconut rice even?

Makeup: still struggle with lashes. I’ve been experimenting alot????

Christian Living: I’m forever grateful for preachers like John Gray. I have been listening to John Gray and Pastor Funke throughout this month. Their sermons are super inspirational and soul lifting??

This month for me was absolutely good hence the weight gain?? All thanks goes to Jesus! I’m so sorry if this post is not really all that, I am quite busy at the moment but my determination said “we must write today”?

Hope this month was good for us all?? I’m looking for new movies, books, Nigerian preachers and songs to download, please suggestions!

Have a great day and thanks a lot for the love on my previous post?

When Love Begets a Fool

Perhaps this is what the stories meant when they called somebody heartsick. Your heart and your stomach and your whole insides felt empty and hollow and aching. – Gabriel García Márquez

Helloo. Welcome back to my blog * In my YouTube voice* ? So, some days ago, I found one of my random poems that I really love a lot, and I decided to share with you ?

Yes!! I’m so excited, I wrote this poem like six or Five years ago. I can remember writing it after reading this novel about a girl that loved a guy, not knowing that he and his friends had a bet on his getting her love and she found out and was so heartbroken because she had fallen deeply for him. Heart wrecking right? 

So… Here is the poem? enjoy!

I would love to know your take on this poem, do you love it like I do? or is it too deep or top notch? ?

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Final Year Week in Pictures!!!?

I will reach for the stars no matter how hard it seems, and fly like a bird with the knowledge this journey brings.- Semetra C. Vanison

Hellooo!!! So the long awaited post is here!!!??????? I’m so excited. I’m so grateful to God for a successful project defense, like I didn’t expect it to be good because my panel was so tough but then “He that is in me is greater than …”

To be honest, our final year week was the definition of boringggg, like it was Dryyy, it was drier than dry season? but then I made do and we (myself and my friends) tried to make it fun for ourselves??. The signing off was the only thing close to interesting??, too bad I couldn’t get the pictures…but hey!!, Here are some pictures from our dinner and thanksgiving??


My course mates
My course mates!! Ps: I love this picture ?

Yes!! She’s bae??
Kuku mama?
My playmate????

I’m out!!??‍?
Thanks a lot to God, my friends and course mates that made the final week a blast regardless of all odds???? 
We will all graduate seamlessly and murder Law school, Amen!!! In the meantime, convocation!!! Here we come!!???

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My Top 5 Netflix Original Series ?

An unexamined life is not worth living. –Socrates

Hello!! Welcome back to my blog. So after my last post, I received a couple of mails to write a post on my Top Netflix Original  series. Note though that these are not my overall best series, but rather my TOP NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES (produced by Netflix) Let’s get started!!!

best series to watch now
No 5: Orange is the new black ?

Premiered in July 2013, based on Piper Keenan’s memoir about her experience at FCI Danbury, minimum security federal prison. It’s fifth season was released recently. I was quite skeptical about putting this series on this list because it’s not really all that to me at the moment? I used to be in LOVE with this series, but to me right now, it feels like it has overstayed it’s welcome? Like don’t you guys feel OITNB should have ended by now?

best series to watch 2018
No 4: Frontier

Premiered in November 2016 on Discovery Channel and moved to Netflix in 2017. Gives a glimpse into the pre industrial time in North America. It has the same violence level as Game of Thrones Season 1. Insane action!!? I was hooked immediately I saw Jason Momoa (Karl Drogo in Game of Thrones) in episode 1 like Boo where have you been!!

best netflix series
No 3: Narcos

Is a series about Pablo Escobar, a drug kingpin, his communications with the DEA, Colombian police, FBI and others. It has a fair amount of violence level like any other crime and drug related series. There is a lot of Spanish language ?? it also has a vintage setting?. I’m still watching the series though, like, still in Episode 4 and I started the series yesterday? totally in love. I like the way the guy tells the story? This series is criticized by many people as promoting drug trafficking and all and Pablo’s son disagrees with some facts of the series. Reasons why you should watch this series? watch and browse at the same time ???

No 2: Luke Cage.

I love love love Marvel series and movies. Luke Cage is totally BAE!!   I love this series a whole lot.

For the people that watch this series, guys I thought that the death of pops was the worst thing ever till Cottonmouth died I wept! Like I didn’t see it coming at all!!! (Still in denial though, just waiting for some Jon Snow moments) The songs in this series are …

top netflix series to watch

No 1: SENSE8 ❤‍❤‍

Yes!!!!!! My best Series of all time, both on Netflix and outside Netflix!! it’s a unique sci-fi ish series. I love SENSE8 and everything about it. It was premiered in 2015 and my brother was the one that told me about the series and till date I’m still in love. While I was rooting for the season 2, I re watched season 1 a zillion times  For me, It’s the best thing that happened to Netflix .

Here are some honorable mentions to also watch out for:

  • Mind hunter
  • Black mirror
  • 13 reasons why
  • Marco Polo
  • The crown.

I can’t wait to watch Mind Hunter. It’s trailer is so bomb.

So guys, which netflix original series do you love the most? Which one do you feel should be on this list? Which one do you feel should not be on this list??

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Ps: like I said in my last post, I will be posting my final year week’s post soon.