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    The Sunshine Blogger Award.

    When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. –Franklin D. Roosevelt Welcome back to the blog! This post is kind of different from my normal posts and I’m so excited to type. I can remember my third month into blogging, I was so worried that I had not been nominated by anyone for any blogger award. I felt like I was not doing enough, I mean two other bloggers I started my journey with had already been nominated for different awards?.

  • The Single Girl’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

    “How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you” –Rupi Kaur Hello! Welcome back to The Jade blog. All the single ladies, all the single ladies…(in Beyonce’s voice) I have been single for a while now and I must say that these ‘single’ years have been my best years ever. And Valentine’s day also have been as glamourous to me as always. Not every single person find Valentine’s day as glamourous as myself.  I know that some people get so wrapped up in the whole idea of Valentine’s Day, raving about the fact that they are “alone,” and sometimes, end up sitting or curled up in bed all…

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    Life lately #7

    “You are the only one who can make it happen for you. Others can support and encourage you, but you have to find the energy within in order to step into the center of your own life and take charge.” -Lynda Field IT’S ANOTHER EPISODE OF LIFE LATELY! Welcome back to my blog! This week have been really tight for me. The way things are tight is really making me inconsistent with blogging. I have a ton of unfinished posts in my draft, but there is no time to finish them. I’m either in the library, trying to research for my Pre-class assignments, making notes,or doing something. My weekends are…