Post about nothing and everything #3

Disclaimer: this post might probably be the shortest post you’ve ever read.

I’m kind of in a hurry. I’m finally done with my chamber Attachment and I have the first phase of Bar examination to write this month and I still do not feel ready for bar finals.

I have wept, cried, fidgeted and laughed too.

Wish me luck.

Happy blog- anniversary.

I forgot about my blog anniversary too. Happy one year baby.

Instagram Juggle.

Yeaaa…. I have deleted and downloaded Instagram a couple of times that I can’t even remember. It’s not in my phone at the moment though.


I love you all. Thanks for the kind words, encouraging dms and emails. For always checking out my blog upon the long absence. I can’t wait to start blogging full time again.

… and it wasn’t so short after all. Thanks for reading ❤️


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