Post about nothing and everything #2

“Had I known, I wouldn’t have studied law. I would have chosen a 4 years course and gone for NYSC or masters, if I so please.” “In my next life, I will not study law. Even if they put a tether to my neck, I will rather be the “about to be slaughtered goat”.” “I will not allow my children to study law in future.”

These were the thoughts that kept on ringing in my head today while I was coming back from my assigned chambers ( first day of chambers Attachment).

P.s: chambers Attachment is more like law school internship, meant to last for 6 weeks.

I still love Law.

So, my day started by 4:00am. I read for 3+ hours. After prayers, I started preparing for my first day at work by 7: 15 and I was done by 7:32 am. (Because night before preparation helps ALOT!)

I literally ran out of my house, to enter a bus (the first bus) going to my work area. As I alighted the bus, confused on the best transportation means to use; Taxify or public transportation to get to the chambers directly, I heard a male voice from behind; “ I’m just dying for your hot legs”.

I froze for a second, shook my head and continued hassling with Taxify. This gentleman flared up; “ all I wanted was a thank you, you are so rude. It was a compliment say thank you. This your generation… bla bla blaaa” I walked as fast as my legs could carry me as he kept on ranting. Luckily for me, some colleagues of mine was passing by and they picked me up.

Then the work began!

Unfortunately, I got to work late. (8:50 as opposed to 8:30)

The experience was all good; from reading to academic discussions, the hunt for food that took 1million hours, to Q and A session.

I finally dismissed by 5:30pm.

Another drama ensued; a guy from my cab got angry at an okada man, jumped out of the car and started beating the young man and guess what, it turned to a full blown fight with 6-10 other people.

I had to proceed to campus for an appointment that ended up taking longer than planned.

After the day’s hassle, I got back to my apartment by 8:05pm dropped on my bed and dozed off.

This is basically a summary of my life at the moment, thank God for the public holiday tomorrow.

Remember to drop your comments and share with friends. Have a blessed day.

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  1. You had a pretty eventful day. Sorry about the harassment

    1. Cravejade says:

      It was really a stress- filled fun day, thank God for public holidays. Thanks dear.

      1. You’re welcome

  2. Awwwn, so sorry dear. This was a rather short and funny read though.

    Plus, I’ve been trying to get to you for the longest time, you left no contact email or insta handle on your contact/ about page. 😏😒

    1. Cravejade says:

      Thanks dear. It was a funny and stress-filled day.

      Wow, I have been off IG for a while now. Sorry for the inconveniences. You can reach me through or even send a message through my contact page.

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