WORST of 2017

Hello! Welcome back to my blog. 2017 is finally coming to an end and i am excited. there were a lot of things that went down this year; the good and the bad, hallelujah moments and worst moments. Here’s to the worst of 2017!


Oh Lord! where do i start from? every fashion line  Almost all fashion lines and designers went cray cray this year. lets start with the one that was everywhere… OVER RIPPED DENIM TROUSERS! if you didn’t notice this trend then I guess you should go back to your hometown, Mars. Thousands of trousers were destroyed back to back by fashion designers, D.i.y Lords and other humans that just felt like joining the trend. But the biggest denim disaster came from Japanese fashion  label Jong by Thibaut, whose “thong jeans” were not only missing their front and back panels, but had its wearers butt to the wind.

worst of 2017

Permit me to talk about Christian Dior’s overly expensive plain white tees with the slogan “we should all be feminists”, that sold for $710! although Christian Dior said that some of its proceeds would go to Rihanna’s charity after a backlash from fans, I am still back lashing! i mean what the …

Dior worst of 2017Kanye Kanye Kanye! I don’t have the strength to even talk about his distressed clothing line and the boobies t shirts that was almost broke down Instagram.


My oh My! believe you me my brothers and sisters that the makeup gurus on Instagram and YouTube went gaga in 2017. From replacing blending sponge with condoms, to use of knives to contour, to using fire for blending? lol. it was crazy! The Instagram make up industry has the award for the Worst of 2017.

Let’s talk about the many creative souls that wanted to redefine makeup, squiggly brows, braided brows, parted brows, feather brows, flower brows, bling brows, rainbow brows, Nike brows McDonald brows, lollipop lips, glitter hair roots, Leech Facials, the list goes on and on.

squiggly brows

I can’t believe that I almost forgot the award winning nose hair extensions! Who even brought up that idea?


And the award goes to *drum roll* FIFTY SHADES DARKER! you won’t believe that till date i have still not finished the movie. Anna and Christian are so awkward together and what’s up with her tongue?, boo! can you just let her sleep in peace in the confines of your lips! ughhh!!

Fifty shades darker, fifty shades darker worst movie in 2017

… the second position goes to EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING. It felt like i was watching another dead Nigerian movie. Cheers to another movie i do not really like, maybe its the fact that i just do not like romance movies, just maybe.

Everything everything

Finally, the third position goes to HOW TO BE A LATIN LOVER. Lord! this movie is something else. When I was don watching this movie, i was like Ada, what did you just watch? Anyways, for this movie, It’s a love hate affair because it was a funny movie to me.

How to be a Latin lover worst movie in 2017



 Lets start with my Nigerian worst songs:



3: IF (remix)- DAVIDO ft R KELLY


Worst International songs are:

1: Tunnel Vision – Kodak Black

2: Hit Em with the Draco – Soulja Boy

3: Ohio Fried Chicken – Jake Paul. This song has to be the funniest song of all time, bangdadadang has nothing on this song! However, it’s basically a song about fried chicken.

Worst person in 2017

I know most of my Nigerian readers are already screaming Buhari and my U.S readers, Trump. Sorry to disappoint you, you are Wrong! Can you guys remember that CEO of a pharmaceutical company that hiked the price of HIV Drugs from $13 to a whooping $750, his name is Martin Shkreli, has the award.

After him, we have the group of people that rallied for child marriage to be legalized and those white supremists that just want to eliminate blacks, plus all the people that recommended that all the Igbo people in Nigeria should be executed.

I have a lot more in my list but then I will stop here for my 2017 worsts. You can also check out the Best of 2017.

Guys did I miss out any worst trend of 2017? What was your worst song, artist, album and movie of 2017? Which fashion and makeup trends need to leave us in 2018?

2017 was really a good year, i will be posting the best of 2017 tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed this post?

Have a lovely day love!

Six Reasons to Love December!

For most people, their birthday month is normally their best month in a year, but for me May is definitely not my best month of the year. December is a month I always look forward to like a baby waiting to suckle. Welcome back to my blog. You can join my wagon of December lovers and here are six reasons to Love December:

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Best Christmas Love Songs!?

Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.-Charles M. Schulz

Hello Jolly people! Welcome back to my blog? It’s that time of the year that is feel with good ol Christmas songs, coldnights, foggy morning and laughter filled dusty days. It’s my other best month of the year. Happy new month once again?

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Road Trip To Ikogosi Warm Spring

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. Eleanor Roosevelt

Hello dear, welcome back to my blog. It’s the last day of November, 2017! ???. Remember how I said that this month will be blessed with lots of blog posts. I’m sorry If I have been slacking and all, I have been crazy busy.

So this post is about my Road Trip to Ikogosi Warm Springs. This is one location I have always dreamt of going to and it happened this year, in celebration of my convocation. I was too excited that very day. I went with my lovely and beautiful friends and they made the trip more fun. We literally sang all the way to the location and the trip was filled with giggles and laughter.

Let me just say that the driver that commuted us, scammed us. We paid #8000 from Ado Ekiti to Ikogosi and back. We met some friends there that paid just #4000 to and fro.


We arrived the Warm Spring by 2:30pm after leaving by 1:20 pm. The gate and entrance area was clean and lovely. On arrival, we were greeted by a nice “receptionist” who we paid #500 for our tour ticket which covered the services of a tour guide.

Ikogosi Warm Springs

I was so excited to see the Warm Spring, also the warmth from the staff made the excitement skyrocket. Was I disappointed? Read on to know.

We were greeted by the wooden trail that took us to all the parts of the Warm Spring we went to. this added to the beauty, but then it was kind of scary for me. (i was scared of the wood giving way under me)

Ikogosi Warm springs

Ikogosi Warm springs

I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of nature and God’s creation. The place was so beautiful with trees and green vegetation all over and of course, the spring, I loved the greenness of everything.



Ikogosi Warm Spring

It was really fascinating to discover the temperature difference between the warm and cold spring. Where the warm water flows from actually was warm, almost hot and the area with the warm water was so clear.

Ikogosi Warm Spring

The cold water, on the other hand, was as cold as a chilled bottle of sprite and it wasn’t as clear as the warm one.


I really loved the warm part of the water. The tour guide told us that it also has therapeutic uses. The warm and cold water meet at a confluence.

Ikogosi Warm Springs meeting point

We went up to the main source of the Warm water known as ‘the source’. The art work on the walls around the source was a plus for me.





From this point, I could see the full beauty of the Warm Spring.

Ikogosi Warm Spring



Ikogosi Warm springs

Other Side attractions:

The Resort

Swimming pool and the bar by the pool side.

Ikogosi Warm Spring swimming pool

Games like Ayo, pool, etc at the pool side.

Gym (probably not operating)


Former Zoo.

Ikogosi Warm Spring

After our countless selfies, we went to the bar at the pool side where we played Ayo/Ncholoko and had some refreshments.

We left the warm springs by 4 or 5pm and I must say that it was an awesome experience for me. It was an adventure filled with Laughter, love and lots of fun.

Have you visited Ikogosi Warm Spring? How was your trip? Do you have other fun places to recommend for me?, I need places to add to my 2018 bucket list.

After this trip, I felt so fulfilled, I can remember smiling cheek to cheek when I was ticking it off from my bucket list for the year.

Have a laughter filled day?