Life Lately #9 :where i have been and a bit about my disapperance.

The most asked questions by most of my readers since last year are: ‘when are you going to drop a blog post’ and “what happened to our blog?” Should I just say I lost the mojo to write for so long? That will ‘kind of’ be a lie because even while I wasn’t publishing blog posts, I wrote in my drafts but I wasn’t that bold to publish because I felt like they were not so worthy to be posted. So much went down while I was off.


I have been out there living life, hustling and trying to make sense of this adulthood that came upon me like a thief in the night. Keep reading to see the bits on my disappearance.


As most of you probably know, i was in the Nigerian Law school Abuja for a year from 2017 after my graduation from uni to 2018. It was quite an experience. I learnt and unlearnt so much and I discovered so much about myself. It was such an experience; I cried, wept, laughed had all sorts of emotions and still came out strong. For some, the exam period was a breeze, but to me it was the most difficult period of my life and somehow your girl still survived. I have a full blog post coming up soon on My experience in Law school and How to survive Nigerian Law school successfully.

Passed the bar


Some will roll their eyes because I mean, ”you passed the bar”. Some pass the bar and still do not get called because Law School and their procedures and rules can be something else. I still remember clearly the day I was called to Bar like it was yesterday. I felt all sorts of emotions. I was beyond happy and just satisfied. My joy knew no bounds. I even cried (a very rare occurrence) during my call to bar dinner. I was so happy that my hard work of seven years worked out just fine.

Barrister and solicitor


I sincerely want to rabble on and on about how I have found the one that gives me that peace of mind that I have always wanted for my relationships. If I should start, i will probably not finish this blog post today. Let’s just stop at I FOUND LOVE.


This should be the major thing that is eating into my every every. I have been working my butt out!!! permit me to shout !!! my life lately have been all about work.


I went for more events than I ever have in my life. I have made a few friends.(This is a big one for me because I hardly make friends.) I met up with some of my blogger friends, it was so fun amd amazing.

Network and chill

I finally have a SKIN CARE ROUTINE!

This is probably not a biggie to a lot of people but it is to me. I do not have any skincare problem in particular that made me start a skincare routine at all. I just felt the need too and @omagarden shed so much light on the importance of a healthy looking unhealthy skin and this made me to join her 21 days skin care challenge. I do not regret it at all.


For the past months of my disappearance, i have learnt and unlearnt so much about blogging. Thanks to The Blogger Advocate, Lola; The Blogger etiquette , Alice Dako, Tribecalled ENA, Mattie James and so many great teachers i have met. I’m grateful and I’M STILL LEARNING.

The blogger etiquette
Major lesson from lolaakw

How have you been? what is going on in your life now? let’s gist below.

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  1. Ngozi says:

    Welcome back darling! I missed you. Congratulations on your call to the Nigerian bar

    1. Cravejade says:

      Awwww thanks alot. I’m grateful

  2. Congratulations Ada.

    1. Cravejade says:

      Thanks a lot Dupsie❤️

  3. Congratulations , good to know I have a lawyer in TBA I can rely on.
    I hope you don’t disappear on us again and please publish those posts in your draft, we want to see

    1. Cravejade says:

      Thanks dear, I hope so too. Thanks for reading dear

      1. You’re welcome

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