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Life Lately #8

OH MY GOD!! I have missed you guys so so much. This is the longest blog break i have ever gone on, it wasn’t even a consensual one. Life happened with full force. Truth be told, PROCRASTINATION also happened. I’m so grateful tat you guys stuck around. I wasn’t blogging but my views just kept on growing. Thanks to those that kept on asking me for a new blog post, you are the realest G! Some people even sent suggestions on the things to write about just in case I was experiencing writer’s block. Thanks guys so so much for the Love. I really can’t say that enough. I love you all.

2018 so far:

How has your 2018 been? Let’s just say been there, done that and still doing it. This year has given me the good the bad, the sour and the ugly. I can say that I have been through a lot and I’m way stronger than I was last year. I’m also grateful for the whole experiences because they taught me to be a better person. I saw, I’m seeing and I am still conquering, that’s all I can say.

Anyways, when i started this post, my life was going really slow and i was always living (just living). Now everything and anything is just happening and it’s as though life is just on fast forward now.


Earlier this year, i was so sure that i could combine/balance Law School and Blogging. Guys, i flopped so hard in balancing both. L aw School became even more overwhelming (to my surprise i think), don’t listen to those that will always say that ts always a chill time in Law school.


Side Note: i have a draft post on the tips to surviving law school SANE! The post was inspired by my experience mistakes made , lessons learnt, tears shed and laughs in Law school. I hope to inspire any prospective law school student. Anticipate.

The amount of love I receive on this blog makes me so happy. so glad i have such amazing readers. I hope to be more consistent over time. No! I’m not about to say that the Jade World is about to be shook by Blog posts like i did here, but I promise to make conscious effort to post once a week.

Speaking of consistency, i feel like I’m improving on Instagram; from consistency to engagement to other little factors. I’m still kind of struggling to incorporate my blog life to the Instagram sphere. Hopefully i will figure out the balance soon.


Vertigo by Khalid. I can’t believe i slept on Khalid for so long.


I have been reading lots of Inspirational, business and physical book lately. This month alone, i have read up to 5 or more physical books. Currently,I’m reading “”LIKE A VIRGIN by Richard Branston”. It’s such an awesome read.


LAGOS FASHION WEEK AND GT BANK FASHION SHOW, not because I’m going, but because i cant wait to feed my eyes. I love fashion so much but, its really hard to tell that I do. I’m also anticipating my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that is coming soon.


For life, ability to love and be loved, God’s love and grace. I’m SO GRATEFUL FOR JESUS and JOLLOF podcast, YVONNE AND LUVIE Make me so happy. they are the life of the party. Check them out and thank me later.


Any song that has Khalid. I enjoy his voice. (lol i said this as though his voice is  food)


Nothing really, and this is so weird for a foodie like me.

Let me stop here, the post is already getting long.

HOW HAS 2018 BEEN FOR YOU? WHAT BLOG POST WILL YOU LOVE TO SEE SOON? Any suggestions will suffice.

Have a great day and remember to subscribe to the blog for more updates.

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  1. Frank says:

    Like a virgin is an awesome book. So good to have you back😍

  2. Blessing says:

    Welcome back Ada! I definitely cant wait to see the law school posts, i need as much advice and encouragement as possible ❤

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