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Life lately #7

“You are the only one who can make it happen for you. Others can support and encourage you, but you have to find the energy within in order to step into the center of your own life and take charge.”

-Lynda Field


Welcome back to my blog! This week have been really tight for me. The way things are tight is really making me inconsistent with blogging. I have a ton of unfinished posts in my draft, but there is no time to finish them. I’m either in the library, trying to research for my Pre-class assignments, making notes,or doing something. My weekends are also booked. I’m still trying to figure out how to balance school and blogging, hopefully soon, I will get a hold of it.

Monday was the procession of one of my classmates (Dami) who died last week. She had a kidney ailment. Her death is still a shock to me, because she spoke to us (my classmates) the day before her death, and she was full of life and hope. Her Death really taught me alot (mind you I don’t know her personally). It really made me re-evaluate alot and even think of my past mistakes and achievements. Just live your best life, filled with hope, faith and share so much LOVE. I can’t even start listing out all the lessons learnt from Dami’s death. God knows the best. Rest on Damilola!

2018 SO FAR! : How has your 2018 been? Mine have been wonderful, Thanks to these not so secret tips for achieving new year goals/resolutions. My new year goals are coming on well, at least I have achieved 75% of my goals for January. Towards the ending of January, everyone kept on complaining that January was starting to seem like 2000 years(lol).For me, it was just baffling. I felt like the days were just flying away (probably because I was always doing something). I should stop here, (for 2018 so far) because the year just started, we will get back to this after five more months.

BLOGOSPHERE: Early January, I had the opportunity to work for a brand. It’s my first sponsored blog post, it really made me proud of my journey so far. At first, i didn’t even want to reply when the offer was made on The Bloggers Advocate Forum, thinking that my blog wasn’t qualified. To my surprise my blog was very much qualified. This wouldn’t have been possible without my wonderful readers and TBA. Your comments and engagement keep me going, I’m so grateful.

Speaking of engagement, I had my first 90 views in a day, some days ago. I almost fell off my seat in library when I saw the notification. This progress might actually not be all that for some people, but to me it is heaven. It shows that the blog is making progress. Thanks guys for always sticking with me, Remember to keep sharing with your friends, loved ones.

I got my first blogger award! SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD! (the post will be up soon.)

I have a truck load of good and awesome contents in store for you guys this year, from lifestyle to reviews(lots of reviews), hacks, collaborations and many more. I’m so excited about these posts. you might just see a different Adaobi. The Jade world is about to be shook by blog posts.

I’m considering writing a Q&A post, what do you think?

Let’s talk about INSTAGRAM! NOPE!! I’m not about to start talking about how their algorithm is messing up the fun of Instagram, because I don’t even understand the algorithm thingy all bloggers keep raving and ranting about. Let’s talk about the fact that I’m getting a hold of my Instagram feed. At first I was all about the white feed thingy, because I mean “every tom dick and harry” blogger had a white themed Instagram feed. You can say it; I joined the crowd. Lately, I have been all about doing me, so I have a Faded theme going on. My engagement has also improved. I’m still camera shy but its better than it was in this post.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I officially have a Bloglovin account, you can follow me here!

LISTENING: to BOYZ II MEN – END OF THE ROAD. My love for Old School R&B songs.

MAKING: lots and lots of trips to Coldstone, with me complaining of how broke it is making me. My relationship with coldstone is really unhealthy but I can’t help myself. maybe you could be my saviour, just tell me the affordable places to get good ice cream in Abuja.

READING: Family comes First (kidnapped by cannibals) by Masonfitzzy on Wattpad and my Law books. I have been reading Family comes First for almost a month now, so unlike me. I always finish my novel in days! This is how serious life have gotten. Sad LIFE!

ANTICIPATING: the weekend (my body is weeping for alittle chill)and my presentation today.

LOVING: The woman I’m becoming, Chris Brown’s Heartbreak on a Full Moon, Insta stories and the Crave Jade blog.

CRAVING: Chicken Burger and Fries.

LIKES: Dre OG Reacts has my heart on YouTube. He definitely knows how to crack me up. you can check out his YouTube videos too.

Was your January long? What’s up with your 2018 resolutions? What have you been loving lately? Are you an old school songs lover too? Should I write the Q&A post?

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  1. Death actually has a way of speaking to you. I also love BOYZ II men❤️ I totally can’t wait to read your Q&A post.

    1. Cravejade says:

      I swear it actually makes you think deeply about the essence of life. What’s your best song by them? I can’t wait to draft it too, I’m even considering making it a TMI or Get to know me tag. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Very interesting. Your energy is alive in this post. I enjoyed reading it. We should hold on to everything in our moment of reflection when death is around us. Don’t lose it, like so many of us do after the death or the realization of death fades away. thanks for sharing

    1. Cravejade says:

      Awww Thanks alot. I’m happy you enjoyed the post. I totally concur, I noticed that my little moment of reflection is really affecting my view to life positively. I also believe that this will not be lost anytime soon. Thanks for stopping by. Your Poems are BEAUTIFUL!

      1. your welcome and thanks for visiting my blog. I am all about reflecting, but I keep in mind the rear-view mirror is small for a reason, the future is before us. May yours become brighter as you continue to let your light shine. Much appreciation

  3. Congratulations on your sunshine award! I can literally read your excitement in everything you shared. Thank God you’ve achieved your goals so far! I’m keen on the Q/A post. Currently also highly disliking the instagram situation. I don’t know how many complaints they want, before they revert it to how it used to be!

    1. Cravejade says:

      Thanks alot Joan, I’m still surprised that I was nominated, I guess it’s a sign of progress. I’m so grateful to God for all the achievements so far. I don’t even understand the whole Instagram algorithm thingy,I just miss the good ol Instagram we all enjoyed. As for the Q/A, should I change it to a “get to know me tag”? Thanks dear for stopping by.

  4. Gift says:

    Lovely post

    1. Cravejade says:

      Thanks dear .

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