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“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar


I literally just finished starring in the space wondering why I insisted on studying Law? I’m not doubting the path I chose just that this path is too narrow and the thorns in the path are tearing my flesh with pity.

Hello dear, welcome back to my blog. Happy Happy New Month!!?? 2017 is literally slipping through our fingers like it was never here. Funny how it’s not even close to the 25th, but the Noel feeling is overwhelming. I’m at the verge of typing MERRY CHRISTMAS!, and I just did.?

BLOGOSPHERE I Can remember saying here that the blog was about to be turnt with posts, it happened, but not all the posts were able to make it to the turn up. I’m really sorry about that but your favorite girl have been busy. Busy with the struggles of life. lol. You can catch up the posts that showed up to the party HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE! These past months have been too wonderful for my blog, I can remember having around 100 views in a month and now I have 500+ views in a month. That’s a lot of growth for me and I’m most grateful. Thank YOU for sticking with me, we are really heading to the top?

I said here that I love insta story but then my insta stories have not been consistent lately, because I have been quite busy with my studies and all. But then you can check out Jesse Driftwood on IG, his insta stories are the best. He’s my biggest motivation for insta stories. You can check him out on IG.

LIVING LIFE. Something funny happened some weeks ago, so I posted a picture and added this caption ” this thing called life”. Some minutes later, I was contacted by someone (an IG page) telling me how I’m depressed and I need help, plus how they are the perfect people to speak to and pour out my mind. Mehn! I was beyond shook. I was so confused. I didn’t reply. They kept on bugging me, and when I couldn’t take the bugging anymore, I did the needful. I blocked them. It’s really funny to me anytime I think about it.

Life has been good to me. I’m understanding myself better and you know this thing called self love is key. It’s not overrated, it’s underrated boo.

READING: Break free by Joel Osten. This book is really wonderful, so far, it has taught me that I’m limitless.

WATCHING: This dramatic movie on African Magic Epic. I really do not know why I’m still watching this movie but then it’s still on.

ANTICIPATING: Christmas, because it’s my best holiday. The food, the love and Joy, which Christian doesn’t love Christmas?

LOVING: the woman I’m becoming, Christmas songs and a lot of throwback hip hop songs.

LAUGHING: at the fact that it took me two days to finally finish this post?☹️ that’s how seriously busy my life has been for almost a month now.

What is your best holidays? Would you love to see my ten Christmas love songs or just Christmas songs with no romance?? Let’s interact! Have a splendid day loves.

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  1. I’m really happy about your growth and I really love your blog and the way you write too. My best holidays is Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait for your Christmas love songs. Keep it up boo.

    1. Cravejade says:

      Aww booo thanks a lot for the support and love you always show me❤️ So you are team Christmas Love songs. Thanks Favour for always stopping by ?

  2. Hey Jade. It’s really nice to see someone grow. Keep being an inspiration to those who are just starting out. Plus how amazeballs is it to know someone else actually appreciates the spirit of Christmas and the heart wrenching classics. Cheers! Happy holidays!

    1. Cravejade says:

      Awwww Samantha ❤️ this brought a big smile to my face. Thanks a lot for the love. Plus it’s so amaze balls to also to see someone that loves Christmas with me❤️ Thanks darling for stopping by and the lovely words?

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