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Life Lately #5

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” Andy Rooney

Whao!! I haven’t posted a life lately post in like forever “(almost 3 months)”, I’m surprised myself because this is one segment I enjoy writing alot. Forgive my manners; HAPPY NEW MONTH!

A whole lot have been going on these past months and I really don’t know where to start from. Let’s start from the most recent happenings; I’m officially a graduate, my convocation was in October and I bagged my LL.B (hons) degree and was inducted into as a chartered arbitrator ( my convocation post will be up before the end of this week).


This blog is about to be super turnt! I couldn’t drop all my planned posts for October because I was distracted by a lot of happenings, both educational, emotional and otherwise. This month is definitely going to be different, my planned posts are screaming; “POST US ALREADY!”. I’m so excited by the amount of blog posts lined up for the month!

I have also been working on my Instagram feed, trying too hard to curate my posts and post more, I guess it’s a gradual process. I’m so grateful that all my posts have been blessed with likes and comments. I’m also trying to make my Instagram page more engaging and I hope for more improvements and confidence soon too. Thanks a lot to the hundreds of people that actually watch my instastory, I definitely love creating and posting content there. For some unknown reason, I prefer my instastory more than Snapchat. you can also follow my Instagram family HERE

I have been struggling with writing my posts with no emoji for a while now. It all started after some bloggers pointed out to me in THE BLOGGERS ADVOCATE that writing blog posts with emojis makes it less professional, I was baffled and sad at the same time. How do you expect an emoji addict like me to express herself? I didn’t think that I could write without emojis, but then I challenged myself to do so and my first post was basically filled with gifs, then my second had no emojis and right now I’m struggling with my fingers not to add the haha emoji.

Lately, after Instagram, my other heaven is my Pinterest account and I love everything about my account from how it’s neatly arranged to how every single thing on my page absolutely resonates with my personality. I love how you can easily find diys, quotes, art, interior decor, amazing photos and basically everything aesthetic pleasing on Pinterest.


Some months ago, I was literally wallowing in the ocean of self insufficiency, I felt like a failure, like I wasn’t living up to my expectations, I felt empty and I questioned the meaning of life and living. I must say that it was a terrible phase for me. It was so bad that I couldn’t even pray in peace, because my whole idea of the savior Jesus Christ, was filled with “what ifs”. I was devastated by Life, I can remember saying so in this post. But somehow, I was able to pull through. Thanks alot to everyone that called, texted and commented, you helped me overcome this phase, I’m grateful. I also have a post on this phase in construction too. It covers my journey with overcoming self insufficiency. Anticipate!

NEW: for a while now, I have been fueling my photography side. I have also been trying my hands on flat lays too. I guess I will post my improvements when I’m more confident in my skills, lol.

READING: you know almost 3 months have passed since my last Life Lately post and I have read more than 20 novels if not more than but then let me point out the only physical novel I read which is FRACTURED by Karin Slaughter. This is definitely a must read for my fellow mystery and thrillers lovers.

ANTICIPATING: Gt fashion show! Heineken Lagos Fashion Show was the Bomb! I definitely fed my eyes with so many awesome designs, even though I wasn’t there. I’m just hoping that gt fashion show will have alot more in store for my eyes. I have a post cooking up on my best looks for HLFDW. *I spilled the beans again!* I also can’t wait to watch the SWAT, my baby; Shemar Moore is the main character in this series.

GRATEFUL: for life, God’s Grace upon my life and the success of my Thrift Shop! How my thrift shop is growing so fast even surprises me more. I didn’t see it coming. We sold out in less than one month of launching! I’m so grateful! You can follow my thrift shop page here too.

LIKES: Spanish and Classical songs. My Spanish is not so good, but I’m still the no one fan of them pikito songs.

Guys, this post is getting too long and I’m not even done with the updates *sad face* till the next life lately my loves.

Do you think that emojis make blog posts unprofessional? Which one do you prefer; instastory or Snapchat? Is Pinterest really all that? Do you prefer digital novels to physical novels? Team emoji? or Team no Emoji? Let’s interact!


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  1. Yes!!! First to leave a comment? I’m Team Emoji and Team Snapchat. I also love Physical books, digital books always affect my eyes. I can’t wait to read your convocation posts, I hope you have tips for us the undergraduates??

    1. Cravejade says:

      Yess!!??? Team Emoji. I used to be that Snapchat girl, till instastory swept me off my feet. I love physical books too, there is this feeling you get when you turn the leaves of your novel? don’t worry I have some tips that I hope will be helpful too. Thanks for stopping by dear???

  2. Your blog looks beautiful. I really need to work on mine now.
    I didn’t know emoji makes your post unprofessional. Well, that’s one thing to note.
    I have more of ebooks, its cheaper though and sometimes I can find some books i want in the book store especially if it’s a foreign book and we got no shoprite in Benin

    1. Cravejade says:

      Awwww, thanks dear? the fact that they are expensive is the only thing that scares me from physical books, apart from that, I love physical books. Thanks Sweetie for stopping by?

  3. Hey babes! I see the blog has a new look or maybe it’s just been a while I’ve been here. Anyway, congratulations on your graduation. Welcome to new beginnings.
    It’s great how you’re learning new things and working to improve on your content. I hope you keep it up. I’m equally looking forward to the GTB Fashion Weekend as I was absent from LFDW!
    Personally, I use emojis once in a while, I really don’t consider it unprofessional. It’s my blog and I believe my writing should reflect my personality. My opinions though!
    Instastory over Snapchat had to delete my Snapchat when I couldn’t keep up
    Hardcopy books over E-books but we live in the Digital age so we just gotta make do with what we have.
    Looking forward to your next set of posts.

    1. Cravejade says:

      Awww boo, I guess you’ve not been here in a while. Thanks alot dear. I didn’t also attend the LFDW, I followed up from blogs and tv, unfortunately I’m not sure I will be attending the GTB FASHION WEEK either?
      I’m totally with you on the emoji issue, let’s just see how long my emoji less posts will stay. Gosh!!! We are team everything together, soul sisters Alert ?? I can’t wait to start bombarding the blog with posts too? thanks my dear for stopping by?

  4. I liked reading this update!
    About the unprofessionalism of emojis in blog posts, I don’t buy that. After all its some person that came up with that thought, and he sought others, who thought the same.
    It depends on the tone you’ve set out for your blog, and even at that, it’s still your choice.
    There are times that the emoji might not be welcome, when you’re writing a poem for example.
    If you’re writing about your day however, an opinion on something, an emoji is like a gif, or a picture. It helps add to the mood.
    Nothing unprofessional about it for me.

    Instastory or Snapchat…Nada. I use none if it.

    And a big big congratulations to you on your Graduation! That’s a big big achievement right there. I hope for you that it helps you get to where you want to be.

    That Lagos Fashion show? I’ve been hearing lots of good stuff about it, and I’ll look forward to your post about it.

    1. Cravejade says:

      Awww thanks dear? team emoji??? you are missing out o, you need the insta story magic? thanks a lot dear, my convocation post is coming up soon too. I can wait to finish constructing my LFDW post, Thanks dear for stopping by?

  5. For the emoji thing,it’s personal … I’m indifferent about it really, if you warm my heart with good contents and add emojis why should i think so you’re unprofessional?

    Fresh graduate gang! Feeling down is a part of life and it helps you prepare for whats coming.

    Love the quote,i had to drop my phone to take it in

    1. Cravejade says:

      Hi Funke, the quote really spoke to me when I was down and it’s funny how the words in the quote are few but the message is so powerful.
      Yes!! Fresh Graduate Gang! Congratulations on your graduation too.
      About Emojis, I’m finally accepting as a personal decision, I mean if your content captivates the reader then emojis are spices? Thanks Funke for stopping by?

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