Life lately #4

There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.” –Epictetus

Whao! August is really finally here! August is one month I always anticipate and dread at the same time. I anticipate it because of the relaxation vibe that comes with it and at the same time, I dread it because of masquerades (new yam festival is celebrated and that means lots of masquerades) Happy new month!???

Grateful: To God for his mercies and grace upon my life. Last month was good and the enemy saw this goodness and wanted to put sand in my gari, but Jesus said NO!!! Isaiah 54:17?

Listening: to Stupid Love by Jason Derulo. This song has my heart forever. ❤️❤️❤️  Ps: I just finished typing and I’m listening to All I need is you by Lecrae??

Watching: Does this apply to what I’m watching? Because I’m watching my fingers type.??

Laughing at:  for some unknown reason, I just start laughing when I remember the Usher, Kevin Hart and the guy’s shenanigans that week???. It’s funny because the day i read that news, I denied ever crushing on Usher and the other guy instantly ???? Don’t mind me saying “the other guy” His name is just not coming to mind but his songs can turn a girl to a ****. Who remembers his name, he’s the one that they said has a women’s cult?

Loving: this rainy season, my nights are always cool and my sleep seamlessly awesome. ?

Happy: my stats is up!!!! Thanks to you, yes you❤️ I have 1000+ views in just 3 months of blogging. I’m so happy and to think that it was my target for my 3 months of blogging and I’m so so grateful. I love you all and thanks for always keeping up with my jibby Yadda? Anticipate the post❤️

Reading: The Book that Kills by How about no on wattpad. I’ve been reading a lot of serial killers affiliated and also crime mixed with love novels lately. The best of them all is The Serial Killer in me by Miz_gold, it was so realistic, too realistic, it felt like I was reading a real life serial killer’s personal note. I kept on cringing and screaming but I couldn’t stop reading. For the crime mixed with love novels, my best is Mafia’s Obsession, my mouth was literally O-ed all through and yes, was not the whole Disney happy ever after.??? I wish I could just write about all the awesome books and write ups I have been reading. 

Craving: very hot Sharwama and chilled water??

Likes: I have been reading a lot of poems and I love poems because they tell the true deep feelings of the poets. My best collection of poems lately is The Notebook by Kyotski.❤️❤️

Wishing: the world wasn’t so evil.

Anticipating: my previous anticipation and my skeptical is now my anticipation.?

Christian Living: Starting my first bible journal, I can’t wait and I pray God helps me to not relapse. Who knew about Malachi 2: 13 to end?, the Bible really covers all aspects of life. Wondering why christians misuse and undermine God’s grace. Hungry to draw a lot closer to Jesus Christ and intensely understand the works of the Holyspirit. Thank you Lord for preachers like Joyce Meyer. ???

Thanks for reading me. Hope your life has been more awesome than mine? Let’s gist, drop your comments on any one that is coincidental to your life lately or otherwise. Have an awesome week❤️ 

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