Life Lately #3

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.- Winston Churchill

Hello!!! A lot have been going on lately in my life. I’m finally back home, just eating alottt of food and gaining weight like crazy. Yes!! I’m gaining weight, and I see it as though I’m sharpening my machete and cleaning up my armor for the war ahead (law school).

Listening: to the noisy ceiling fan over my head, the cock that won’t stop crowing and the car horn that wants to make us all deaf?

Watching: I just finished American gods, Am I going to watch season 2? NO!!! I love my dreamless nights?

Loving: dvsn’s voice is just bae❤️❤️ and his songs!!! (Make way for me to faint)??

Skeptical: about the bloggers point brunch? last month, I was so sure that I was going to attend this brunch, but now, I’m confused on the state to go to and wondering why these type of things don’t ever come to the south eastern part of Nigeria ???

Reading: The Real world by the Alvarez chronicles on wattpad. This is a must read❤️ for all especially the part titled: Haters all the way around. You won’t regret it? I’ve been reading everything by the Alvarez chronicles all week long and I love his books from Things I wish I could forget toThe  body to The blond series❤️❤️. And boo, I have another of his books in my wattpad library already set for when I finish with The real world?

Craving: I feel it should be more than craving, I’m weeping for African Salad with smoked fish??

Wishing:  I could actually make my decisions alone and independently, yes African parents control your life till death do you part? Also wishing that I could get this charcoal facial mask, but I’m scared of loosing my facial hair?

Makeup: I got this drugstore eyeshadow that I love!!! It’s my first very pigmented eyeshadow, I also bought a mascara and eyeliner (both are amaze balls) and I’m also in love with this Classic powder that I got for my sister, don’t tell her I stole it??

Anticipating: The bloggers point brunch and Summer fiesta?????? just hoping that I don’t end up watching these events on snapchat ?

I’m also trying to open up more, crawling out of my shell one step at a time. Hence my mini instastory “vlogs” ??? follow me on instagram, let’s link up?

Hope your week is going well? Who is anticipating tbp brunch and summer fiesta with me?? what is your favorite Alvarez Chronicles novel?

Remember to drop your comments?, I love replying to your comments. Have a beautiful day❤️


    1. I was so sad that day because I could find Abacha? I used to underrate Classic but after using this powder, I’m in love❤️❤️ thanks hun for stopping by ?

    2. I was so sad that day because I could not find Abacha? I used to underrate Classic but after using this powder, I’m in love❤️❤️ thanks hun for stopping by ?

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