Life lately #2

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Hellooo!! Wonderful people.. am I the only one that feels like June flashed in and out? just yesterday, it was June 1st and now its 30th. Hope it was a good month for us all? Yes, the hallelujah challenge made it even more awesome, even though I couldn’t participate everyday (mb struggles) ☹️?

New: I just discovered American gods and I started watching it some days ago.. still on the 2nd episode. RICKY WHITTLE is just giving me life?? it’s a very intriguing series, I’m still trying to understand a lot of things hence the desire to watch more?  DISCLAIMER!!!!! there is a lot of bloooddd, arms flying and all??

Listening: Bodak Yellow by Cardi B, I definitely prefer her Lick?

Reading: i just finished reading The Body by Alvarez chronicles. It’s a novel you definitely want to read if you love Criminal minds. Wattpad is still bae?

Interests: nothing apart from poems and yes!! Funny Nigerian movies!!??

Food:  I’ve been eating good food? craving coconut rice even?

Makeup: still struggle with lashes. I’ve been experimenting alot????

Christian Living: I’m forever grateful for preachers like John Gray. I have been listening to John Gray and Pastor Funke throughout this month. Their sermons are super inspirational and soul lifting??

This month for me was absolutely good hence the weight gain?? All thanks goes to Jesus! I’m so sorry if this post is not really all that, I am quite busy at the moment but my determination said “we must write today”?

Hope this month was good for us all?? I’m looking for new movies, books, Nigerian preachers and songs to download, please suggestions!

Have a great day and thanks a lot for the love on my previous post?

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