Life Lately #1

To make an end is to make a beginning. T.S. Eliot

Hellooooo lovers! Happy New month!!??. Mama I made it!! I’m done with my finals!!! I was so happy after I wrote my last paper. 5 years in this … school is unexplainable and the excitement to leave is ?

New!: So since my exams ended, I’ve been having issues sleeping, like I sleep from 12:00am or so and wake up by 3:00amor even 4:00am the good days and that’s all for the sleep o☹️?

Listening to: DO PROPER by Ike Chuks ft Dotman??. Yeaa!! I’m still discovering my Nigerian music love side? Lord!!! If by Davido did me some kinda things???????? to think that I don’t even like him?

Likes: I absolutely love Victoria Kimani’s songs like I never hexperedit❤️❤️. Especially her LOVER song with Phyno? Dinma Umeh is the best thing that happened to Nigerian YouTube life? surfing YouTube for funny auditions?

Interests: I’ve been wallowing in the ocean of YouTube videos lately, thanks to my hostel wifi that was fixed some weeks ago? I love love Patricia Bright and Jamie and Nikkis’ channels?

Reading: Natalie’s diary on wattpad. My fellow wattpad lovers, I got you ? i love and read only mystery and thriller novels? too bad I find romance novels boring.

Food : I’ve been eating ALOT!!!!! for some days now? so so midnight hunger and even random hungers and I satisfy my weeping stomach??‍♀️I’m craving Nsala soup with pounded yam at the moment ?

Christian living: I’m totally loving these two apps: meditation and sprinkle of Jesus. Meditation sends prayer notifications morning and evening which is so cool❤️ ohh I almost forgot their daily devotional ?? my best app atm??

Makeup: I ve been doing a lot of experiments with my face?‍♂️Chai!! Fixing lashes is a struggle and oh yes!! I fixed my lashes?? ohhhh I also did my friend, Biobele’s make up yesterday and it was muuuuaaahhh?

This is a little about my life lately?? please follow, share and subscribe to my blog? Have a great Friday ???

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