Final Year Week in Pictures!!!

I will reach for the stars no matter how hard it seems, and fly like a bird with the knowledge this journey brings.- Semetra C. Vanison

Hellooo!!! So the long awaited post is here!!!??????? I’m so excited. I’m so grateful to God for a successful project defense, like I didn’t expect it to be good because my panel was so tough but then “He that is in me is greater than …”

To be honest, our final year week was the definition of boringggg, like it was Dryyy, it was drier than dry season? but then I made do and we (myself and my friends) tried to make it fun for ourselves??. The signing off was the only thing close to interesting??, too bad I couldn’t get the pictures…but hey!!, Here are some pictures from our dinner and thanksgiving??


My course mates
My course mates!! Ps: I love this picture ?

Yes!! She’s bae??
Kuku mama?
My playmate????

I’m out!!??‍?
Thanks a lot to God, my friends and course mates that made the final week a blast regardless of all odds???? 
We will all graduate seamlessly and murder Law school, Amen!!! In the meantime, convocation!!! Here we come!!???

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