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    Life Lately #8

    OH MY GOD!! I have missed you guys so so much. This is the longest blog break i have ever gone on, it wasn’t even a consensual one. Life happened with full force. Truth be told, PROCRASTINATION also happened. I’m so grateful tat you guys stuck around. I wasn’t blogging but my views just kept on growing. Thanks to those that kept on asking me for a new blog post, you are the realest G! Some people even sent suggestions on the things to write about just in case I was experiencing writer’s block. Thanks guys so so much for the Love. I really can’t say that enough. I love…

  • Post about nothing and everything #2

    “Had I known, I wouldn’t have studied law. I would have chosen a 4 years course and gone for NYSC or masters, if I so please.” “In my next life, I will not study law. Even if they put a tether to my neck, I will rather be the “about to be slaughtered goat”.” “I will not allow my children to study law in future.”

  • A Post about nothing and everything

    I have been off my blog for the longest time, and it’s funny how this break started some days after I said I was going to post more. Let’s just say that I lied to myself and you all. It has been hard (really harddddddd) battling with keeping up with law school and blogging. And for some reasons, in this super woman head of mine, I felt like I could do both and not feel shit. I’m really sorry for the hiatus. I’m not promising to start posting consistently either.

  • sunshine blogger award

    The Sunshine Blogger Award.

    When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. –Franklin D. Roosevelt Welcome back to the blog! This post is kind of different from my normal posts and I’m so excited to type. I can remember my third month into blogging, I was so worried that I had not been nominated by anyone for any blogger award. I felt like I was not doing enough, I mean two other bloggers I started my journey with had already been nominated for different awards?.