Best of 2017

It’s finally the last day of 2017! Whoop whoop!!???? who is as happy as I am? I’m most grateful to God! Happy new year in advance! Here’s to the best of 2017 ?

Best makeup: 

In 2017, the makeup industry had so many up and on point moments from the Huda Beauty collections to the Fenty beauty craze and various Blinding Highlighter collections from Trophy wife by Fenty to Raye Raye’s highlighter. Even amongst makeup artists, there were so many creative moves and trends, (not the squiggly brows kind), here are the makeup trends in 2017 that i love:

  1. Glossy everything; from the glossy lids to lips.
  2. Highlighter; it’s kind of funny to me that I’m saying highlighter because I’m that subtle highlighter kinda girl.
  3. Faux freckles; one trend that I loved a lot but I know that I will never try it.

Best fashion trends:

It was a year of Off shoulder and Cold shoulders everything and Gingham, I was all for it. And I almost forgot the high slit trend that I really loved in 2017. FUN FACT: I love off shoulder gowns, i own one, but i find it hard to wear. Another Fashion Trends that I absolutely love and I’m crossing over to 2018 with are the Beret and Fish net under Denim trends.

Best song of 2017:

Phases by Nasty C  ft Rowlene


Cherry- Lana del rey

Bed- Jacques

The weekend- Sza

All Mali music’s songs and many more. mannnyy songs made my 2017 both Nigerian and internationally.

Feel free to also check out my post on my knock off songs HERE!

Best Movies of 2017:

Many awesome movies graced 2017 from the ever inspiring War Room to War for the planet of apes that made me scream out my eyeballs. here are some of my best movies in 2017:

War for the planet of apes

Thor: Ragnork

Lost city of Z


Best series of 2017:

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you would have noticed that i love watching series (anyways as long as its not a high school or musical series). you can check out these trending post on series to watch HERE and HERE! Guys, here are my Best Series of 2017:




Game of Thrones

And finally..

Best people of 2017

All those against domestic violence and all those creating awareness of child rape. However, if you are against Child Rape and Abuse like myself, you can check out this my (little fiction) story on Child Rape HERE!

Which beauty and Fashion trend made your 2017? Which series are you crossing over to 2018 with? what was your best movie in 2017?

Anyhoo I’m attending my first cross over service today and I’m super excited ??????

Happy new year??

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  1. 2017 was an amazing year overall! I loved the off-shoulder trend so much and even over-used it. I didn’t quite like the fish net kini.
    I didn’t quite listen to a lot of new music this year,but I read a good number of books.

    Hoping 2018 would be an amazing year!

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