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ALIEXPRESS REVIEW: My First Experience.

Back in the Days, I used to look at online shopping like a platform for scammers and ignorant buyers. I really thought that all sellers were scammers, especially Ali-express. I dreaded online shopping like ‘no man’s business”. Let’s throwback to my 100 level in uni, when one of my friends was ordering for wrist watches from Ali-express. She asked me to join in and I vehemently refused because of my “scam theory”. She got the wrist watches and they were even finer than I expected, but I was still scared of shopping on Ali-express. Earlier this year, I made my first order and got my first Ali-express products. This post; “Aliexpress Review: My First Experience”, is about my first Ali-express haul, from items I got to customer service to delivery to the shops and lots more.


AliExpress is an online retail service owned by Alibaba, made up of Small businesses in China and beyond offering products to international buyers. One can find every and anything on Aliexpress for sale. It was launched in 2010. Sellers on AliExpress can either be companies or individuals. It is mostly compared to eBay as the sellers are also independent. Some also compare it to Amazon, it’s difference from Amazon is the fact that it only acts as an ecommerce platform and doesn’t sell directly to the consumers. AliExpress is currently in English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian language.

[bctt tweet=”FUN FACT: AliExpress doesn’t allow customers in mainland China to buy from the platform, even though all retailers are Chinese.” username=”diby17″]



There are four (4) easy steps that I would advise anyone that wants to order from AliExpress to use in order to identify a trust worthy seller (THE 4 Cs.):

1. Check the percentage of positive feedback.

2. Check the number of followers.(sometimes, less is dangerous.)

3. Check out the feed backs and general satisfaction of the buyers.

4. Contact the seller.


I played really safe on my first order, so I got mostly JEWELLERIES! These are the items I got with their prices.

  • A Naomy&ZP vintage Bohemian Handmade Cotton Tassel Earrings. ($0-78 – $1.05 Approx. #280.39 – #377.44)
  • A New Fashion fringe earrings earring ($2.23 Approx. #801.61)
  • A Front and back pearl stud earrings. ($0.50 Approx. #129.41)
  • A Kabuki Blush brush.`($2.01 approx. #722.53)
  • Triangle and circle Punk  statement earrings. ($0.75 Approx. #269.60)
Aliexpress buy
earrings from aliexpress
brush from aliexpress
is aliexpress a scam
Aliexpress Haul


Payment for me was not a problem, as it was swift.To pay for your order on AliExpress, Select the order and click the “Pay Now” button, Choose your preferred payment method on the checkout page, and make payment. AliExpress supports Visa, MasterCard, Maestro Debit Card, Western Union, and wire transfer via banks.

[bctt tweet=”Once you follow the 4Cs listed above, the chances of being scammed will be as low as 20%.” username=”diby17″]

Delivery was also surprisingly swift. I went for the free delivery option, which takes up to a months and in some cases 60 days. Guess what? I got all items in 3 weeks.


Personally, I feel ordering from Ali express requires alot of patience. One of my most recent orders from Ali-express is yet to arrive upon I paid for delivery (it’s up to 3 weeks already.)

Ali express is also another place to buy those aesthetic items that you hardly find in malls and market and in most cases, you get them at a bargained price. (remember to always check your seller’s feed backs.)


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  1. I love Aliexpress and will always preach about its awesomeness! I have had only a few shady experiences and that’s because I didn’t read the product description properly or was just buying randomly. Now, I’m quite intentional and my wish lists are overflowing. There’s a sale coming up o so you can take advantage of that! Nice things you bought here! I’ve been eying those circle triangle earrings amongst others for a bit now, and you’re right, PATIENCE is the keyword

    1. Cravejade says:

      Loolll the Queen of Aliexpress is here🎉🎉🎉 my wishlists are also over flowing. I forgot about the sales on the sales day, mehnn was I sad.
      Thanks dear. The circle triangle earrings are the bomb. Thanks for stopping by ❤️

  2. I haven’t tried shopping on Ali Express because I really don’t have that patience but lately some cute stuff have caught my eye and I just might be placing an order soon.

    Thanks for sharing these helpful tips. You didn’t mention where your packages were delivered to because I know they don’t do home delivery.

    1. Cravejade says:

      Hey dear, hope you’ve finally made the order?
      Most times the orders are delivered to the post office and sometimes the post office people do this home delivery thingy when items are much in their office.
      Thanks dear for stopping by.

      1. Oh Hi! I still haven’t made the order *covers face* but thanks for the insight. I needed to clarify those details because I can’t deal with stress.

  3. Anonymous says:

    nice one ada

    1. Cravejade says:

      Thanks dear

  4. Oluchi says:

    AliExpress can sure be tricky. Been a shopper for a while and although I’d recommend it, I’d only recommend expressively to those not of faint hearts. Like you said, patience level has to be top notch.

    I’ve lost a few items on Ali, didn’t get a refund that was claimed was sent. Some items have gone past 5weeks before they’ve arrived.
    Yet I’ve gotten some really good and durable products and I’ve gotten stuff that took only less than 2weeks to arrive.

    With Ali, for me, you win some, you lose some. You just have to be ready for that!

  5. Cravejade says:

    Good point sis. This right here is a quick summary of Aliexpress and the issues attached to ordering from there.

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