7 myths about Christianity: you might believe.

But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ- by grace you have been saved. –Ephesians 2:4-5 

Hello! Welcome and welcome back to my blog. Funny how I stared at the screen for almost 5 minutes, unsure of how to start this post. Funny right?!  Christianity is the world’s largest religion, with over 2 billion believers. Christianity like most religions is largely perceived with many misconceptions. The half-truths, lies and myths about Christianity seem to increase at the rate of instagram growth. Once a person writes a new theory of how the world is ending tomorrow or how Jesus Christ never resurrected, such individual is normally greeted by undivided media attention, Which I find very appalling!

DISCLAIMER: This post is filled with different gifs that kinda express the writer’s emotions, readers discretion is advised.

Let’s get to the post! Here are the various myths and misconceptions about christianity:

#1: Christianity is False because it based on the Bible which is based on contradictions and errors.    Errrrmmmm… Hellloo! The Holy Bible is one of the most accurate and preserved document in the world.

#2:  Christianity solves all your problems.  

If this is true, I guess everyone on earth would be christians. Even the Bible recognizes the fact that christians are bound to be persecuted. Once you are saved and you believe in the Father, he gives you this unimaginable joy and peace but the enemy will always want to take you away from the faith by tempting you with various problems. See the life of JOB for example.

#3: Christianity is a prop for the weak.

I have heard this misconception a couple of times, and I’m always like How is Christianity a crutch for the weak?

#4: Christianity has been disproven by modern science.

Errrmmmm in recent times, modern science even recognizes the fact that there is a highly intelligent being behind the universe. Explore YouTube for more.

#5: Christianity is irrelevant to modern life. 

Christianity speaks to real life, like work, finances, relationships, health, success, sex and more. The Bible provides principles which help with life issues any person may face. I can remember saying Here that The Bible really touches on everything in life. Poverty alleviation, educating children, disaster relief are all being addressed by Christ followers in various ways.

#6: Christianity is for illiterates and shallow minded people.

This is definitely the funniest myth to me. Christianity is for everyone. God is Love and he doesn’t discriminate. Even when Jesus was establishing the gospel on earth, he preached to both the Jews and Gentiles.

#7: Christianity kills personal freedom! 

When you weigh what people mean by personal freedom, you will see that it’s just the freedom to do drugs as they please, go clubbing morning, afternoon and night, be prostitutes if you please, in fact just living without direction. They forget that when you live in line with these things, you become a slave to such acts. When you can’t do without taking alcohol, Do you really have personal freedom?  Researchers at Harvard, Duke and other universities have found that Christian faith and church attendance are associated with less social isolation, lower risk of substance abuse, lower rates of suicide, greater happiness and life satisfaction.

There are more myths about Christianity that both Christians and non christians believe. Are there other myths that you’ve heard about that are not in my list? What are your views on the above myths? Let’s Discuss!

P.s: Did you guys notice how I typed everything without a single emoji?! I’m proud of myself. Lol.


  1. | 30th Sep 17

    This is so nice… I swear that part of Christianity being for illiterates is the dumbest myth ever.. Whoever said that thing is a big Cow??????

    My problem is not really about the myths but the doctrines that different so-called Christian denominations have that contradicts themselves.. Everybody feeling their beliefs are better than any other church??

    • Cravejade | 2nd Oct 17

      Thanks dear. I totally agree with you on some denominations feeling like their beliefs are better than the other, forgetting the main goal which is Heaven and Christ. Thanks for stopping by ❤️

  2. Odyy | 30th Sep 17

    Wow… D 4th myth tho..
    Since modern science has disproven Christianity why do pple still die???

    • Cravejade | 2nd Oct 17

      The 4th myth was everywhere some years back and I was shook by the posts then on it. Thanks dear for stopping by ?

  3. Demilade | 3rd Oct 17

    Some people truly believe point 5, they believe that we can’t really apply the Bible to life now as the times are so different. I really disagree with that, the Bible is still applicable in today’s world! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    • Cravejade | 3rd Oct 17

      This is so true. The Bible is very much applicable to the world today and it even covers all aspects of life. Thanks hun for stopping by??

  4. Oma Okpala | 26th Oct 17

    Preach sister??????

    • Cravejade | 26th Oct 17

      Awww, thanks a lot for stopping by ??

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