ALIEXPRESS REVIEW: My First Experience.

Back in the Days, I used to look at online shopping like a platform for scammers and ignorant buyers. I really thought that all sellers were scammers, especially Ali-express. I dreaded online shopping like ‘no man’s business”. Let’s throwback to my 100 level in uni, when one of my friends was ordering for wrist watches from Ali-express. She asked me to join in and I vehemently refused because of my “scam theory”. Continue reading ALIEXPRESS REVIEW: My First Experience.

The Sunshine Blogger Award.

When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. –Franklin D. Roosevelt

Welcome back to the blog!

This post is kind of different from my normal posts and I’m so excited to type. I can remember my third month into blogging, I was so worried that I had not been nominated by anyone for any blogger award. I felt like I was not doing enough, I mean two other bloggers I started my journey with had already been nominated for different awards?. Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award.